Do You Have What It Takes ?

At PCI, we believe that the key to creating happy clients is to attract
and retain an engaged and happy team of associates.  At the heart of
PCI’s “notthebigcompany” culture is placing our associates in positions
that inspire, flourish, and help them grow – both professionally and

Here is a list of some of the most popular reasons that experts cite for
a sense of excitement and passion about work:

– Strong social network (yes, at work too)
– Look for opportunities for growth instead of failure
– Help someone solve a problem
– Take on additional responsibility
– Have enough courage to ask
– Take actions that increase good will
– Find the right fit for your skill set

While researching this subject, I was not surprised to see how similar
the actions listed above are to actions and comments that PCI Associates
make on a regular basis.  In fact, many are included in the video here.
This is a big part of what gives PCI its “notthebigcompany” culture.

So what does it mean to actually “like” or even “love” your job?   At
PCI, we believe that a great workplace culture is comprised on many key
elements, including opportunities for:

–  Achievement
–  Appreciation
–  Fun
–  Engaged management and teammates
–  Good fit between abilities and the job requirements
–  Learning opportunities
–  Flexible hours
–  A values-driven company and a purpose you can believe in

PCI offers an excellent work environment which is positive, fun, smart,
proactive, honest and passionate.  At PCI, we believe in investing in
new hires from day one.  Our commitment is to provide on-going learning
opportunities and open communication.

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