Business is Personal

By: Drew Clancy, PCI President and CEO

Did you know that you spend 45% or more of your waking hours at work?

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  •       168 = The number of hours in a given week (24 hours x 7 days = 168)
  •       56 = The number of hours we sleep (assuming we sleep an average 8 hours each a night)
  •       112 = The number of hours we are awake each week (168 – 56 = 112)
  •       50 = The number of hours you are at work (assuming a 40-hour week), driving to and from work (assuming one hour a day), and getting ready for work (one hour per day)
  •       50 / 112 = 45%!!

And that doesn’t include the hours we spend thinking about work when we are with our friends and families (not a good thing)!

45% is a big number.

45% means we spend a large percentage of lives at work.

45% is one of the reasons that at notthebigcompany, we believe that work should be MEANINGFUL.  At PCI, we want to make a difference in the lives of others with the work we do.  It is a key driver that helps define what we mean by notthebigcompany.

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